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Technological Systems Division


This division is responsible for testing, installation and servicing of technological systems.

Bitfox has considerable experience in the installation and operation of static equipment Central (ACS-ACC) railway traffic control and stabilization work at many stations. Some of the most important activities where BitFox worked on the implementation and operation of a number of signaling systems are Railway Stations of Padua, Bologna and Mestre.

Developed activities covering all stages of the implementation of signaling systems of all types (ACS, ACEI, SCMT, SSC, etc..) such as the installation of network cabling, equipment lines (signals, railway deviations, CDB, crossing,...), calibration, configuration and operation of systems.

Technological systems division staff has extensive experience in installation, addition and testing of copper and fiber optics cables as well as the maintenance of these cables. Thanks to the commitment of highly qualified personnel, BitFox is able to realize all stages, from installation to final testing, associated with data transmission networks for local networks (LAN) as well as for extending networks MAN and WAN in transmission systems PCM.

Important the experience gained in telephony network that runs from creation of digital telephone networks (STSI, STI) to GSM-R systems (GSM for Railway applications).

Besides the implementation of remote control and monitoring systems, Bitfox realizes the power supply systems (power stations, generators), air conditioning systems, electrical systems civil, industrial and public lighting.

BitFox has vast experience in the installation of photovoltaic systems on small, medium and large dimensions.

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