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Drones monitoring

Bitfox srl is provided with members with ENAC license, the civil aviation authority of Italy, for the use of remoted-control drones suitable for professional activities.

Bitfox srl has the possibility to carry out a monitoring service with drones suitable for example to check the state of wear of the welded components and bolted connections. This service is particularly suitable for the railway sector, because, through the aid of a camera on the drone, you can monitor inaccessible places such as viaducts, metal structures, inaccessible parts of sheds and industrial structures.

There are many ways of monitoring including infrared cameras. The use of such technology allows detecting, in addition to the presence of any thermal losses, the presence of infiltrations, losses of liquids, start of detachment of plaster. It also detects overheating in electrical components allowing a preventive repair of the same before the fault, ensuring the continuity of the job.

The service is particularly cheaper than the use of traditional means for lifting at height, such as lifting tables, because considerably reduces the inconvenience caused to the environment by the presence of such machineries (segregation of the areas in which the PLE) on the other saves countless time to relief thanks to the increased mobility and speed of transfer.

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