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Site Safety Division

Bitfox S.r.l. is one of the few companies in Italy which is qualified by the Italian railway network as a supplier for security services in railways.

acoustic notifier 

Bitfox S.r.l. is able to assist companies engaged in rail traffic (eg such as dealing with the extension of the railway tracks, setting the grid, installation of signaling system, civil works) by providing services that related to safety.

Among the various services that BitFox offers are:

  1. Design, installation and management of automated systems for notification of the arrival of the train (Automatic Train warnin System ATWS)
  2. Design and installation of protective barriers in Italian rail network
  3. Railway protection service (warnings, informational agents) with one person  responsible for the performance of executive affairs relating to the protection in railways.
  4. Support services for enterprises and commissions for help in editing  document  in train stations (Security and Coordination Plan, Safety Operating Plan)
  5. Support services at train stations with agent trained in first aid and fire extinguishing.

Automatic Railway Protection System (ATWS)

One of the newest ways to protect the personnel involved in the railway sector and certainly the safest way is to use ATWS system.

These systems consist of:

  1. Center of management and control
  2. Input pedal
  3. Output pedal
  4. Optical-acoustic notifier

The arrival of a train at the station indicated by the pedal at the entrance (Silec type or variation of the electromagnetic field) positioned at a distance sufficient to secure the release of station.Plant, automatically notifies via optical-acoustic signal present at a station staffto leave the country punës.Dalja train is detected by the pedal stops the alarm and then the staff can get back to work.

The plant is controlled by a manager who is trained and authorized by the Italian railway network, and should always be present at the station.

Communication between the pedals, plant and notifier can be made by wire, by radio or in mixed mode allowing direct installation of working in adjacent areas or work involved in processing tools in order to provide early warning to operators.

Portable Radio System MFW - The new generation of ATWS Via Radio (New)

Portable Radio System MFW was born as a further development of the automatic alarm system proportional Autoprowa ® for the protection of rail yards, used for years with great success. Portable Radio System MFW uses a bidirectional transmission technology that ensures maximum safety (SIL 4), high flexibility, reliability and a greater range of the signal and allows, therefore, to make a connection between the pedals and the control unit, in the safety distance, with a connection via radio reliable and secure.

The system is composed of the following components:

  1. ZRC (ZÖLLNER Remote Control),
  2. ZPW (ZÖLLNER Portable Indicator),
  3. ZFS (ZÖLLNER Transmitter),
  4. F500 (Pedals),
  5. WGH (Beeper),
  6. Batteries ZA24-ZA24 and 7W-2.9, which can be configured in various ways, depending on the needs of the construction site.

Bitfox S.r.l. uses in their stations only systems manufactured by ZOLLNER Signal GmbH, a global enterprise ATWS for automatic systems in protection of the stations.

These products are characterized by high reliability and possess the ability to adjust the level of acoustic signals as a function of background noise to ensure optimal level always for acoustic transmission (Autoprowa effect).

Download documents (original documents are in Italian language)

Supplier Qualification Security Services Railway Shipyards of 16.06.2011

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