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About BitFox


BitFox is a limited liability company whose members are actively involved in asset management.

Founded in 2003 as collaboration between persons with experience in the field of railways, aeronautical and systems, which has quickly become a landmark for the area of ​​north-east Italy in the installation and maintenance of railway signaling systems.


Members Bittus - Fois - Pasin

Over the years, the goal of intervention is widespread throughout the country, including work in the field of highway, airport, data transmission, camera surveillance system, alarm systems, access control, solar systems, construction and technology in general.

In order to fulfill customer requirements regarding flexibility and rapid resolution of problems recently BitFox worked in the construction of electrical panels, industrial automation, electronics and electromechanical devices.

A large number of human and technological resources used in providing rail fences through ATWS systems which is able to follow the design, installation and management.

BitFox is able to handle all phases of the execution of a contract starting from the design phase to the implementation phase of the project, so it is able to cover the design, procure materials, manufacture, installation, testing and activation.

In order to ensure the whole process, the company is divided into the following structured operating independent but closely related to each other:

Infrastructure division, which is responsible for the implementation of all construction and infrastructure

Technological systems division, which is responsible for facilities, installation and maintenance of systems

Production division, which is responsible for the production of electronic and electromechanical products

BitFox personnel are specialized in market research, evaluation, planning, safety, quality, accounting, logistics and services. It should be mentioned that BitFox provides specialized training, mainly in the railway sector for its staff and external persons.

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