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Certificate for Railways LIS-005 

LIS-005 qualification is issued by the Italian railway network in terms of limited intervention in the modification and construction of railway signals. More specifically, the works refer to the project implementation activities, performance modification and placing in service and railway equipment control cabinets.

This qualification proves Bitfox srl for possession of technical capacity / production and quality of the organization of enterprises, as required by the "norms Qualification System for implementation ’of companies which work systems in Italian rail network.

This certification indicates that Bitfox srl is able to:

Designing interventions that will be carried out in railway equipment, cabins and small works such as carpentry, civil work, lighting, phone, plumbing, supervision, coordination and verification of material supply, the calculation works, monitor worksconstruction, electrical installation, construction, connections, calibration, adjustment and verification of interference, equipment installation and some ancillary work stations.


For the execution of these works Bitfox srl is equipped with:

  • A suitable structure to manage work construction.
  • A technical office responsible, who have more than 5 year’s experience in the design of railway signaling,
  • A framework for performing, cabin installations and technical stations that have experience in calibration and verification for more than 5 years,
  • Parking provided with funds for road works, rail and other work.


Bitfox srl has a relevant experience in implementation, upgrade and maintenance of railway systems of the type ACEI, ACC, ACS and SCMT system, RTB, MTR.

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