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Security Services for the Construction of Railways (ATWS)

Italian rail network has recently issued the qualification for service provider security in railway stations in order to choose reliable suppliers for design, installation and management of security systems for railway stations and in particular automatic protection systems railway stations (ATWS - Automatic Track Warning System).

Bitfox is able to follow the various stages associated with the use of security systems:

Design: consultations on development of security plans in stations, in order to help clients or firms contracting with the preparation of documentation concerning the detailed schemes for all protective equipment (ATWS or barriers).

Providing ATWS systems or barriers: deals with the supply of equipment approved by the Italian rail network and for all equipment necessary for their operation.

Installation: mount and demount of ATWS systems and protective barriers with qualified personnel and verification of correct operation at the beginning of the work.

Logistics: adequate transportation from all the places (from the cache instead and vice versa from the beginning to the end of work; immediate shift in the case of mobile shipyard) and storing them in the vicinity of the country.

ATWS system management and processing of recorded data: coverage of each ATWS system (central processing unit and transmission) with a qualified operator which is always present in place during of the use of system ATWS  for the duration of the work.

Technical support: Inspection and maintenance of all equipment in service, where such assistance is provided in the relevant language for the entire duration of the work, providing the necessary documents or manuals.


Download documents (original documents are in Italian language)

Qualificazione Fornitori Servizi di Sicurezza Cantieri Ferroviari del 16.06.2011

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