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Italian National Agency for the Railway Safety (ANSF)



Regulation for railway signals - download file

This document contains the Regulation for railway signals of the 1947 edition updated with the ANSF Decree No. 13/2009 in force since 02.12.2009.

Instruction for the financial support system to driving a train (SSC) - download file

The SSC is an aid to driving a train as a verification check on compliance with the fixed lighting and traffic light signals of the first category and warning signs of protection, traffic light of second category signals, the maximum allowed speed on routes, on lines and delay. In the case of pushing the limits of the system controls the traction off and emergency braking.

Standards for the exercise of HS / HC lines equipped with ERTMS / ETCS Level 2 without fixed lights signal - download file

The HS / HC lines equipped with ERTMS / ETCS L 2 are exercised in remote control with Command and Control System (SCC), are being trivialized and is allowed the march parallel, they are fitted with equipment to accommodate the system to control the march of trains and signaling in the cockpit of the rolling stock with radio block, have no fixed signals lights. The lines are navigable only by trains equipped with special equipment also meet the standards technical and functional aspects of European interoperable command and control of the train control system ERTMS / ETCS L2.
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