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H2OFF Railway

The H2OFF products come from advanced research in the field of nanotechnology with unique features; they guarantee electric protection and anticorrosion with high-standard levels than usually known and used. They are designed to using also in bad and extreme environmental conditions and they guarantee the maximum protection at very low temperatures (down to -80° C) and in environmental with saturated moisture, saltiness ecc . There are two main family products: H2OFF Electric and H2OFF Anticorrosion with special formulations covering a wide range of uses from large industrial plant to domestic use. An important aspect of H2OFF is its absolute simplicity of use: in fact, is possible use them over wet, rusty or oxidised without having to dry or prepare the surface.



Bitfox srl is the the exclusive seller of Nanoprotech Italy for the Italian railway market, sector within the H2OFF products covering a wide range of uses connected to arming, electric traction, signal systems, network telecommunications, rolling stock. As a result from specific studies for increase the qualities and intensify the features of H2OFF products, creating the new line H2OFF Railway designed to railway sector. Usually, the H2OFF Railway products are used in all Europe moreover they tested and they are regularly used from Russian railway solving issues related to the extreme weather conditions that are typical of that country. Bitfox srl with over than ten years of experience could support the Customer in their choices with personal and technical solutions offering technical assistance and practical demonstrations.




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